There are a lot of different text books used by a lot of different agencies. It is generally known, but not shared, by all EMS educators that the numbers and protocols differ in each text book. It is also generally known and not necessarily shared by EMS educators that the NREMT does not subscribe to any one text book when formulating its questions, but relies on many different sources for the best information available, such as textbooks, Medical journals/articles, and regional practice. It does not matter what state you are in or what text book you used in your classes, the NREMT does not change their questions, numbers, or protocols to match that of the state, county, or EMS textbook used in class. The NREMT uses the National EMS Education Standards as a basis for all their questions and will be using NEMSES exclusively for all levels of testing.

The questions on our website are also based on the NEMSES. It is exactly what you will be tested on when you take the National Registry.