EMT National Training has assisted over 160,000 EMTs and Paramedics with their NREMT exams. Did they all pass? No, but those who utilized our product properly and scored well on their practice exams, likely did pass. The only complaints we ever hear from subscribers about not passing their NREMT exam is when the subscriber has not utilized our product properly. So this begs the question; How does a subscriber utilize EMT National Training properly?

1. Take 1500 questions minimum. Covering all categories thoroughly.

2. Take enough time to use our practice exams. That length of time is going to vary depending on how much time you have available. If you can take 1500 questions minimum in 7 days...great. If you can take 3000 questions in a month...even better.

3. Read the rationales for each question... especially if you get the question wrong. You will learn more from reading the rationale than you will from answering the question.

4. Score well on your practice exams. If you are consistently scoring above 80% in all categories then you should feel comfortable that you know your stuff well enough to pass the NREMT exam.